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  • Rewinding control: automatic pneumatic proportional valve controls core shaft grasp device's lifting, hydraulic servo system controls riding roller, pneumatic thimbles grasp core shaft,
  • Slitting bottom blade: one piece blade shaft, install individual slitting knifes,
  • The speed difference of front & back winding roll, and the riding roll work together to control finish product density and neatness,
  • Backstand: rotates in both ways, easy to operate, independent drive guide roll, together with web guide platform, to reduce the loss of elongation,
  • Advanced calendar technology, steel to steel structure, both rolls made by chilled casting iron, independent drive, nip size and cross angle could be adjusted, to compensate the crownning,
  • Equipped with tipper hopper for operation safety, water knife web breaking,
  • Auto core shaft feeding,
  • Center drive unwinding, with tension sensor, could also be used as slitting rewinder of packing paper, writing paper,
  • Auto pull and plug system is optional, easy to operate and increase efficiency,
  • Auxiliary spreading roll is optional.
Mode FC-IV 2950/3050/3650 
Max Width of parent roll 2900/3000/3600mm 
Design Speed 0-1200m/min 
Guarantee Operation Speed 0-1000m/min 
Max Diameter of parent roll 3000/2500mm 
Diameter of the finished product core 76mm 
Max outter diameter of finish product   2000mm 
Minimum Slit Width  90mm 
Rewinding setup 2 rewinding roll, one ride roll 
Slitting way Shear type 
Top slitting blade Independent pneumatic controlled group 
Reel Pulling out device hydraulic roller 
Finished Reel Unload Device Hydraulic tipper hopper 
Process Control Siemens S7-300 PLC 
Automatic Stop According to diameter and total length of product 
Drive Independent frequency conversion drive from Siemens 
Unwinding Hydraulic thimble, big wrap angle belt stand

Optional Items:
  • Backstand: 1-4 plies
  • Calender
  • Automatic pull and plug shaft system
  • Trim handle system

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